eBanking - but secure!


Check and configure your digital security.

The Swiss Security Check by the Swiss Internet Security Alliance (SISA)

«The Swiss Security Check provides three levels of protection: Users working with obsolete or incorrectly configured software and therefore risking their security will find out about this within a matter of seconds. Should there be any suspicion of a malware infection, a virus scanner supports the diagnosis and removal of any problems. A cyber vaccination completes this protection and keeps electronic malware, in particularly e-banking Trojans, at bay.»

You can run a security check of your computer on the Swiss Internet Security Alliance website and will also be able to obtain information on current security threats there.


The BSI browser check (in German)

«Your browser is the gateway to the virtual world, and at the same time one of the central infiltration points for computer hazards and criminal attacks. Therefore, you should generally act with extreme caution with regard to its use, regardless of what product you are using.»

The BSI webpage will help explain the most important security settings for different types of web browser.


The c't browser check

«There is no correct browser configuration for every different type of surfer. The demands of someone who mainly uses his computer for gaming and only wants to surf around the Internet every now and then will of course be not as high as those of someone using it to store important company documentation or do his e-banking.»

When looking for your personal compromise, the c't website should be of some help. It will explain the individual browser functions and also demonstrates their potential for abuse.


Microsoft Security Pages

«All programs directly or indirectly involved in data traffic with the Internet - i. e. your operating system, your browser, your e-mail software, but also application software such as Word and Excel - can be set so as to reduce your security risks.»

The Microsoft website will advise you on the security settings you should activate to use specific programs.


Mac Security Page

«Mac security – what should I look out for?»

This Mac website will advise you on the specific points you have to look out for with your Mac.


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