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Software blocking ads or protecting user privacy when surfing the web sometimes result in severe conflicts on certain websites and with some e-banking solutions. Yet you don’t have to completely do without these useful tools.

An increasing number of users employ ad blockers to suppress ads, or so-called anti-tracking tools so that random websites cannot just track your complete browser history. These useful programs are either installed as browser plug-ins or as stand-alone software. Sometimes they also come as extra functionality with certain antivirus software.

Yet something which basically makes good sense can lead to problems on certain websites or when e-banking. That’s because these small utilities are sometimes overzealous and also block those functions required to correctly display a website or e-banking solution.

It is however possible to still do your e-banking without having to do without general protection from ads and tracking: Practically all ad blockers and anti-tracking tools offer an option to define exceptions for certain trustworthy websites, for instance when accessing your e-banking facility - either temporarily or permanently.

Some tips for using ad blockers and anti-tracking tools:

  • Before potentially installing a browser plug-in, please check the level of privacy protection already offered by your browser as standard.
  • Only install programs and browser plug-ins you absolutely need; remove any tools you don’t use (any longer).
  • Before installing any software or browser plug-in, check it for its trustworthiness by checking the number of downloads, reviews/ratings and potentially also test reports on other websites.
  • Familiarise yourself with how to use a tool. Consult its help function or the manufacturer website for information on how to use it correctly.
  • Once installed, monitor how the tool behaves. Should it not fulfil your expectations or cause problems on certain websites, check your settings and set a temporary exception for each respective website (for instance for e-banking) if required.

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