eBanking - but secure!



Security experts are sounding the alarm: There is an increasing number of faked banking apps on offer in mobile provider stores. But follow a few simple rules, and these criminals don’t stand a chance.

These apps pretend to be legitimate applications and will steal your money or access data: While banking Trojans have been considered a serious threat for Android users for a while now, faked finance apps are often underestimated.

Particularly critical: Unlike banking Trojans, these faked apps don’t require any additional access rights and therefore don’t arouse any suspicion. Once the first hurdle has been overcome and a seemingly legitimate app has been installed, is highly likely that users will consider all future actions by this software appropriate, too. And they won’t then hesitate to provide their access data. Plus, antivirus software often doesn’t recognise such fake apps either.

To ensure they don’t fall victim to any fraudulent banking apps, mobile users should follow these tips:

  • Keep your Android device and all apps installed always up to date.
  • Use a mobile security program (antivirus app).
  • Only ever install banking or payment apps actually provided by your financial service provider, and avoid unofficial app stores.
  • If at all possible, permanently disable the “install from unknown sources” option.
  • Before installing an app, have a look at reviews and user comments, the number of installations and what access rights are required.
  • Keep an eye on how the app behaves once you have installed it.

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