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Info sheet: 5 Steps for your digital security
Info sheet: 5 Steps for your digital security (SKP)

Create your basic protection in 5 steps!


1 - Back up your data
How valuable are your data? You should regularly back them up onto at least one second medium and always check that your data have actually been backed up.


2 - Protect with antivirus software
What kind of viruses will end up on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone? Practically none, as long as you have installed antivirus software.


3 - Monitor with a firewall
Have you securely closed the “doors” of your computer or mobile device? You can do so reliably by activating your firewall to monitor Internet traffic towards your device.


4 - Prevent by updating your software
Who better to look after your software’s security than the software manufacturers themselves? Maintain your software and apps, and make sure to regularly run the latest updates. This way, you will always be on the safe side.


5 - Exercise care and remain alert
How do you act responsibly? Don’t believe just anything you read on the Internet, and always apply a healthy dose of suspicion when surfing. You should also protect your computer and your mobile devices with a secure password.



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